5 Reasons to connect your Xero API

Unlock the value of real-time, error free financial data alongside operational information.

Of all the cloud accounting software in the market, Xero is one of the most popular small business accounting softwares known today. Apart from the normal features an accounting app would have, such as invoicing, accounts payable and business reporting, Xero also offers a free API that allows it to be integrated with external applications. Add this to the Xero Marketplace for Add-ons – a vast portal of 100’s of solutions for Xero users  – and you have a solid set of building blocks for getting your business online – to streamline how you work, to go paperless, and to keep your finger on the pulse from anywhere in the world.

I’m an individual. So is my business.

An integrated accounting systems can change the way a business works, in terms of both growth and profitability, but finding one system that delivers all your business needs can be a difficult. But what if you’re business (or problem) is niche? What if there is no app for your industry? How are you going to optimize your work and maximize the value that others are receiving from these cloud applications? There will always be some businesses that need a custom solution.

Custom Software Development can be expensive

Until recently, custom-made software development was, in large part, the only choice. But in the last decade, low-code platforms have emerged as a viable, faster and cheaper alternative option for companies who aren’t completely sold on following tradition.

Low-code platforms and custom software development both result in tailor-made business applications. For companies with limited IT or development resources, or companies who have a strong grasp of their working process and are looking to improve it rather than entirely overhaul it, the hands-on aspect of low-code solutions offers a quick and effective way to do so.

It’s the exact reason, we built Linx. Linx has a low IDE which allows you to quickly connect your legacy systems to Xero and has the ability to link a broad range of databases, processes and applications with Xero to develop unique software solutions that will drive efficiency within your finance function and operations.

With Linx you can…..

Set up connection to Xero.

You can set up your connection, using the Linx Xero Guide once and reuse through the rest of your solution. Quickly perform any Xero operation without spending any further time working on authorisation or connection credentials.

Set up an API integration quickly.

There’s little point in starting from scratch with a custom integration when out-of-the-box plugins can give you the functionality you need. Even if you need custom elements, Linx provides an exhaustive list of common programming functions that are only a click away – speeding up the development process significantly. Linx is perfect if you are iteratively building out your processes and APIs by connecting the systems you already have and quickly building micro services.

Map data fast.

Data mapping is often difficult, particularly if you’re dealing with multiple validation criteria or trying to integrate different field types. In a custom development environment, you’d have to handle everything using up valuable time. With Linx, you are only a few clicks from syncing your Xero data such as Bank Transactions, Bank Transfers, Expense Claims, Invoices, Journals, Claims, Payments and other objects to and from your Databases, ERP, CRM, and Marketing platforms. With built-in converters, you can also import types from other systems, and easily map data to your processes.

Work with your Data.

Do you have the ability to autonomously move data from one system to another, to transform data or calculate sums, parse fields based on predefined criteria? Yip it’s doable but sounds a bit complex doesn’t it?

Not anymore. Our range of pre-built programming plugins (functions and services),  can handle all the intricate details involved in working with the Xero APl including feature-rich data integration between Xero and virtually any other database, file or application.

Schedule data transfers or events.

You won’t necessarily need or want to transfer all your data between systems. You might find that you only need to transfer some data once a day or only send reports once they hit a threshold, for example. Linx excels as an automation engine. By designing your processes and to run in the background as a service, you’ll be able to automate, schedule and sequence data transfers as you need them – based on the criteria you set, in minutes.

Automate and extend your data beyond Xero.

As your business grows, so does the need to extend your data. Let’s say you manage your deals through an online CRM. When you link a new customer, one click should push their information to your online accounting system, triggering the generation of an online contract and invoice, followed by an email asking for their e-signature and payment. All possible through a combination of point-and-click rules-based workflows and backend automation.

Feeling inspired yet? Download the latest version or simply check out these samples to get started.

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