Low code backend development for IT professionals

Automate business processes 

Rapidly design and automate connected applications and services

A backend service to deploy automated business processes and web services

Low code application development

Design complex backend processes without writing a single line of code

Drag and drop to create sophisticated workflows and business processes

Automate low code processes
Accelerate your backend development
Linx integrations

Integrate everything. Quickly.

Pre-built plugins to integrate on-premise systems, cloud services and databases

Automate complex workflows and trigger events

Message queues

Listen and react to message queues such as RabbitMQ or MSMQ

Directory watch

Watch, trigger and respond to changes in a file directory


Schedule processes via calendar schedule, duration or intervals

Web Services

Trigger or expose events as a REST or SOAP service

Fast, efficient software development for the IT pro

Application integration

Application integration

Web Services

Web Services

Automated data transfers

Automated data transfers

Business process  management

Business process management

Extract, transform & load

Extract, transform & load

JP Morgan
Summit County 911
Media Host
Discovery Vitality
Allan Gray
Old Mutual

The power of low-code development with advanced business integration

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