Leading advertising workflow and delivery company saves 67 hours per month by automating its billing process.

Case Study Scenario

In 2015, Media Host decided to streamline its transactional billing process. The company had explored several off-the-shelf solutions but many were too complex and a poor fit. Custom development was also considered, but timelines and costs were prohibitive. What Media Host needed was a simple way to automate a process they had already defined.

Creating a more efficient billing process

Media Host tested Linx to automate parts of its billing process. Now, there is no need to manually reconcile and compile information in Excel every month. Instead, Linx is used to automate the process in real time and clean up data for use in the company’s Xero accounting platform.

A process that used to take days, now takes just 4 - 6 hours.

Using Linx to accelerate time to market

Media Host’s Technical Director, Brendon Ritchie, found that Linx offered a simple, cost-effective way to automate all sorts of business processes quickly, without the need to code. He used it when developing Media Host’s new advertising detection service. This service is the first of its kind, offering advertisers and broadcasters an almost instant view of the adverts being aired across television and radio. The service pulls data from a range of sources, including third party databases, and presents it to clients using the Qlikview platform.  Linx makes up the middleware layer, taking care of the extract, transform, load (ETL) processes.

Ritchie found that he did not need much experience in programming to use Linx. A basic understanding of the logic behind processes was enough to use the low-code platform to automate them.

More efficient development and testing

Once the team had used Linx to automate processes, and seen how easy and versatile it was, they began to use it in other areas.

Ritchie explains:

"Linx was a great help when we wanted to automate the billing process, and it’s now something I use when automating processes for our media processing and detection solutions. I have a background in programming, but I am out of practice. It’s really helpful to have a tool that allows me to quickly build a process, test it, refine it and use it - without having to spend ages writing code. It is just so much faster than if we were to do it manually."

The speed at which the small team at Media Host can build and test processes is a game changer, and has enabled the company to become more innovative and agile than its competitors.

"The great thing about Linx is how easy it is to use, even if you don’t have a programming background. It’s really helpful if you know and understand a need to automate something, have an understanding of the logic required, and want to just get on and do it."

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