Linx automates web services testing process to prove significant efficiency gains.

Case Study Scenario

Over 100 financial institutions countrywide submit thousands of bond purchases and sales on behalf of clients to Finswitch every day. It is very important that every one of these transactions is submitted on time and processed with 100% accuracy. The software must hence be highly efficient and absolutely bug free.

Before Linx: A time-consuming testing process that left the team exhausted

Testing the FinSwitch environment is tricky as the use cases have many parameters and rules governing their usage. The fact that web services were added to FinSwitch in an unstructured, ad-hoc manner, made matters even more complex.

Ryan Anderson took on the role of Product Owner of FinSwitch in 2016.

As soon as I started the job, I could see that I would need to automate some of the testing processes. I was overworked and often spent time repeating the same type of testing over and over. Our testers were also impacted, with these time-consuming, repetitive tasks affecting their morale and performance.

At first, Ryan developed a Visual Studio C# solution to test the FinSwitch web services. Unfortunately, he found that he was having to constantly change the source code, which was simply too time consuming.

After Linx: Quality testing is now quick and easy

After a brief period of learning and a bit of trial and error, Ryan set up the first web service use case. It included piping data into Linx, calling the web service with that data, and returning a result.

Today, the team can create a web service use case in less than 10 minutes rather than what used to take up to 2 hours; adding a new web service call via a custom built Linx component, takes 5 minutes and testing a FinSwitch workflow via the front-end is, thanks to Linx, on average 3 hours faster.

The team had only planned to use the Linx component to test web services directly. They soon decided that it was so useful that, since the web services mimics UI functionality, they could replace several pieces of UI testing with web service testing.

Overall, the FinSwitch team has reduced testing time by 8 hours per week, and the quality of their testing has improved – a priceless outcome in the financial software industry.

Next Steps

Ryan and the FinSwitch team are now collaborating to create a new Linx component that deals with the common workflows required for FinSwitch web service usage. On completion, the Linx Finswitch solution will significantly reduce manual errors and deliver a material time and cost saving to all Finswitch clients, on a daily basis.

  • Once-off integration set-up
  • Complete removal of daily manual processes*
  • User-friendly Finswitch pre-populated parameter options
  • Real time file updates for the latest prices
  • Automatic background processes ensures that you never miss a cut-off
  • Includes support of every Finswitch web service
  • 100% supported by Linx and Finswitch development teams

*manual authorisation of schedules can still be done, based on your organisations preference


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