The Linx Application Designer: Integrate & design business processes. Fast!

The Linx Application Designer is the IDE where you will define your solution’s data model, business logic and workflow processes. The Designer allows you to quickly build business processes, including interactions with databases, files, emails and APIs, without having to code.

Drag and drop application design

Drag and Drop Design

Stop coding. Start designing.

  • Drag-and-drop, graphical user interface
  • Develop processes with technically complex tasks and multiple steps
  • Rich, easy to use components
  • Combine data transformation with processing directives such as loops and conditions
  • Powerful routing and transformation tools

Plugins for Lightning Speed

More than code and endpoints

  • Accelerate your integration projects with dozens of pre-built connectors for applications, technologies and SDKs
  • Supports Rest API, Web Services and DB Connectors
  • Connect to back-end data in databases, XML, HTML, Web services, JSON, and more
  • Synchronise data in real time
Linx plugins
Powerful integration plugins

Powerful Automation

Go beyond IFTTT

  • Create conditions and model your process on business logic
  • Trigger events with timers, directory events and message queues. Read more
  • Design one-to-many integration rules
  • Syncing across multiple applications in real-time
  • Transform data formats
  • Create complex workflows with parallel branches
  • IF/ELSE statements, loops, custom variables and other advanced options


Compile, run and debug in seconds

  • Test and execute solutions in a dedicated window
  • Rapidly find problems and resolve bugs
  • Isolate issues and step through logic
  • Set breakpoints and inspect variables quickly

Deploy Like a Pro

One platform, two deployment options

  • One-click deployment for fast installation
  • Distribute to public cloud, private cloud or on-premises infrastructure
  • Develop your own back-end as a service and connect with popular cloud services
  • Cloud hosting powered by Microsoft Azure
One-click deployment
Expression editor

Expression Editor

A powerful tool for complex expressions

  • Standard functions and operators to easily combine functions and fields
  • Syntax highlighting and intelligent code completion
  • Perform different string, date-time, logical and math operations
  • Create and edit any C# expression
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