Amazon Cloudtrail

Everything you need to create, automate and deploy AWS driven applications. Combine low-code process development with drag and drop access to Amazon's CloudTrail service 

Key Features 

  • Low-code development of operational and risk auditing of your AWS account
  • Easy drag and drop access to Amazon's powerful Cloudtrail functions
  • Integrate or sync AWS with other third party APIs, databases or systems
  • Create processes, move data or automate workflows
  • Rapidly build applications that interact with Cloudtrail services

Additional Resources


Low code integration of Amazon Cloudtrail with 100s of other applications or services

High performance, drag and drop functions designed to boost your productivity and connectivity. Connect AWS Cloudtrail with cloud and on-premises data sources such as Web Services, SQL databases, MongoDB, JSON, XML, CSV, Excel and many more.

Plugin Functions

Trails Trails (cont...) Event History
CreateTrail AddTags StartLogging
DescribeTrails ListTags StopLogging
GetTrailStatus RemoveTags PutEventSelectors
UpdateTrail ListPublicKeys GetEventSelectors
DeleteTrail LookupEvents
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