Amazon Simple Notification Service - AWS SNS

Fast, low code message delivery for IT pros. Connect, build and automate the mass delivery of messages without the need for coding 

Key Features 

  • Easy drag and drop access to Amazon's SNS functions
  • Integrate or sync AWS with other third party APIs, databases or systems
  • Create processes and automate workflows to include SNS services
  • Use all available messaging solutions provided by SNS, and create scheduled and repeatable notifications

Additional Resources


Automated SNS notifications

Create a service that will automatically send a notification via AWS Single Notification Service (SNS) when a file is located in a specified directory and any changes are made to the file. Read more

WATCH: Creating a notification service


Integrate your Amazon notifications with 100s of other applications or services

High performance, drag and drop functions designed to boost your productivity. Connect Amazon's SNS with cloud and on-premises data sources such as Web Services, SQL databases, MongoDB, JSON, XML, CSV, Excel and many more.

Plugin Functions

Topics Subscriptions Phone Numbers Platform Applications
ListTopics Subscribe OptInPhoneNumber ListPlatformApplications
CreateTopic Unsubscribe ListPhoneNumbersOptedOut CreatePlatformApplication
DeleteTopic ConfirmSubscription CheckIfPhoneNumberIsOptedOut DeletePlatformApplication
FindTopic ListSubscriptions GetSMSAttributes GetPlatformApplicationAttributes
GetTopicAttributes ListSubscriptionsByTopic SetSMSAttributes SetPlatformApplicationAttributes
SetTopicAttributes GetSubscriptionAttributes
SetSubscriptionAttributes Platform Endpoints Queues
Publishing CreatePlatformEndpoint SubscribeQueue
Publish Permissions DeleteEndpoint SubscribeQueueToTopics
AuthorizeS3ToPublish AddPermission ListEndpointsByPlatformApplication
RemovePermission GetEndpointAttributes

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