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Linx use cases Typical use cases

Create solutions to automate an array of business processes. Communicate with internal applications, customers and business thorough APIs, email, files and more. 

Program tasks e.g creating variables of different types, using IfElse statements, conditional and iterative looping, etc.

Work with text, XML and JSON data

Work with message queues, using MSMQ, RabbitMQ or AWS SQS

Read and send emails using POP3, IMAP and SMTP

Automate workflows by using services e.g.Timer, DirectoryWatch, Queues, RESTWebService, etc

Publish or consume Web Services

Read from or write to files of various formats, including text, CSV, PDF and Excel files

Connect to databases to execute SQL queries, stored procedures and perform other DB tasks

Integrate to 3rd party APIs

Manage remote files and directories, using FTP

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