Accelerating API Development

From rapidly creating new APIs to simplifying existing ones, Linx enables you to build, host and manage all your APIs and microservices using one platform.  Consume REST Web Service 

Build and host APIsBuild your API. 2 Methods. 1000's of Options

Create and host the perfect REST API the way your business demands 

Import your own definition

A fast and effective way to implement REST API web services based on an imported Open API definition. Watch (4mins)

Import your own open API definitions to automatically create your REST API structure.

Create your own definition

Quickly define and set up your API using our intuitive, drag-and-drop wizard. Watch (4mins)

Configure a REST API in just a few clicks using the built-in operation creator. No definition coding is required.

Rapid API Design & HostingThe Linx Difference

Implement your logic and deploy your APIs faster than you could ever imagine

API developer  Build like a developer, only faster

Our plugin architecture is incredibly powerful. Design and implement your bespoke functionality using no code, including accessing databases and APIs, applying authentication and much more. And in no time at all.

Easy to Create

Visually create your own API by using our API editor or import an OpenAPI spec to automatically create all the endpoints.

Quick to Implement

Visually implement your API with data from databases, files, REST or SOAP APIs,  or any of our growing list of plugins.

Develop with ROI in Mind

Time is money. Save it by building faster. Save it by deploying faster. Save it by reaping the benefits of your API faster.

API implementation  Implement in hours, not days

Linx allows you to implement business logic with data from databases and APIs with the same flexibility as custom coding, just much much faster.

Customised to Your Business

Create custom APIs using 1000s of pre-built functions and services to fast-track your internal app development across your LoB systems.


Merge data hailing from multiple databases into a single API response. Linx is database and system agnostic, meaning you could, for instance, merge data from a SaaS tool, MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server database into one process.

Iterate Faster

Use the built-in debugger to iterate quickly by checking each function as you build it.

API hosting  Painless Hosting

From startups to enterprises, Linx automates backend processes for some of the most innovative companies across the globe.

1-Click Deploy

Deploy directly from the Linx IDE for instantaneous hosting. Flexible deployment options including public cloud or on-premise.

Manage and Review

Ensure that your apps are always running at peak performance with complete application management, security and monitoring as standard. Hosted on Azure, you can upgrade any component of your application as and when your business demands.

Robust Authentication & Security

Linx provides a wide array of security features to suit your business. Whether you need to create JWT tokens or encrypt data, you can customise your architecture to maximize security and compliance.

Build like a developer, only faster

Implement your logic and deploy your APIs faster than you could ever imagine

The Linx difference

Build, host and manage all your APIs and microservices using one platform

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