Database Plugin

Everything you need to create, automate and deploy database driven applications. Use our low code database plugin to run stored procedures, kick off, execute and monitor routine batch jobs, query a database and write the data to an Excel report or simply automate multiple batch processes. 

Key Features 

  • Low code connections to all major database types - Linx supports SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDb or any OLEDB and ODBC compatible databases
  • Drag and drop to build automated processes using common programming operations
  • Easily design compound SQL statements and queries, and manipulate data in different ways 
  • Build applications that require storing, querying and manipulation of data stored in relational or NoSQL databases whether on your own infrastructure or on the cloud
  • Extend your data by incorporating other services, legacy systems, APIs or internal systems
  • Work with the exact data structures returned by your data calls, and use through a drag-and-drop interface

Additional Database Tools

expression editor

Expression Editor

A powerful tool to easily write standard functions and operators to combine functions and fields.  MORE

database connecter

Connection Editor

Easily build the connection string to your data provider with the most common connection properties, test your connection and save the string to your solution’s Settings for reuse. MORE
sql server

SQL Server Run Reports

Gain quick access to Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Service to execute and export SQL Server Render reports. MORE


Easy to Use
We combine the speed of integration, the power of data modelling and the reach of the Web to accelerate the fast development of database apps.

Import & Export
Excel, XML, JSON and Text file formats are supported for import and export. Virtually any programming or scripting language can be used to interact with your data.

Your data can be accessed through REST and SOAP APIs for custom integrations in web/mobile hybrid applications or create CRUD operations to interact with your data.

Plugin Functions

Execute a SQL query and return relevant data. The query can contain any SQL and calls that are supported by the database driver. You can test your query straight from the Query editor and see which data is returned for your solution.

Mongo Read/Write
Read or write to a Mongo database.

Perform a map-reduce operation on a Mongo database.

Run a stored procedure on a database.

Start a transaction in a database that facilitates performing multiple database operations on the same transaction.

Efficiently copy large amounts of rows to a table in a SQL Server or Oracle database.

Any database. All the time.

WATCH: Adding a SQL database in Linx

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