Developer Tools

Everything you need to design, build & deploy automated business processes. The Linx Designer includes a range of low code development tools to accelerate your development journey.

Connection Editor

Easily build the connection string to your data provider with the most common connection properties.

Expression Editor

A powerful tool to easily write standard functions and operators to combine functions and fields

Flow View

Visualise your project in a diagram and get a picture of your workflow, strings and rules.


Save time and avoid repetition by storing your environment-specific values like connection strings, file paths, passwords or URL’s in one area.

Server Run Reports

Gain quick access to Microsoft SQLServer Reporting Service to execute and export SQL Server Render reports.


Run a process while debugging to see the values used in the execution of the process. Receive detailed information about the input and output data for each of your functions and processes as you step through them with a simple click of a button.

One-click Deploy

Get your application live. Our simple one-click deployment tool will get your application from the Designer to the Linx Server quickly and hassle free.

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