Functions, Types and Services have properties that are visible in the Properties tab. Properties can be static or dynamic. Static properties are set at design time and cannot be changed at runtime. Dynamic properties can be changed at runtime by using an Expression.

Property values are usually represented in a text format that fits the type of property. Some examples are

  • Complex types are saved as JSON e.g. a Property of type Person might have a value of ‘{"Name":"John", "Surname":"Smith"}’.
  • Lists are saved as JSON e.g. ‘[“abc”,”def”]’.
  • Database functions have a ‘Connection string’ property that are saved as is e.g. ‘Data Source=.\dbServer;Initial Catalog=mydb…’.
  • Expressions are saved as ‘=expression’.
Some of the formats have an editor that appears as an icon next to the value or is available in the dropdown as shown in the next section.

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