Simple Types

Linx plugin contains simple types Boolean, Byte, DateTime, Decimal, Double, Integer and String. Use a Type to create a variable in a Function by

  1. Dragging it onto the body of the Function and
  2. Setting the Value property.

simple types

Complex Types

Complex types have properties that can in turn be simple or complex. Plugins may provide their own complex types for use as variables in Functions. To create your own complex type

  1. Click Type on the menu bar
  2. Add properties

complex types

To use the Type as a variable

  1. Drag it onto the Function body and
  2. Set property values by using the Fields Editor in the dropdown or clicking the editor icon.



A list can contain any type. To use one

  1. Drag List from the Linx plugin onto the Function body.
  2. Set the Type property. It defaults to String.
  3. Add items in the editor by selecting the List Editor from the dropdown or clicking the editor icon.
  4. Other functions to manipulate the list are available in the Linx plugin.

List type

Tutorial video

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