Notes for release 6.4.1

26 Sep 2022


What to know

This version requires:

  • you to upgrade both the Designer and the Server
  • manual fixes to the solution when opening older applications in the new designer

What manual fixes are needed?

After opening an older solution in the new Designer, you might notice the following validations appearing:

  • Not all code paths return a result.
  • Cannot locate reference(s) [$.Result]
These validations occur because we were unable to determine the return value of that function/event. This could be due to either the execution flow of the function/event or nullable properties in the result type.

To resolve these validations, add a Return function to the function/event and set the Value property in it.

Return function

We added a Return function that can be used to gracefully return from a function - at any point. This is a huge improvement to previously where a function was expected to run to the end. This led to deeply nested functions which were difficult to read and understand.

Yet another advantage of the new 'Return' is that it is more explicit and transparent about what is returned when. Before, the Result of a function was set using a SetValue. If this result was set at the start of the function but remained unaffected by the SetValues beneath it, the actual return value could easily be obscured.

Lastly, Return now allows Linx to resemble code much more closely where 'return' is used in almost all programming languages to return a value from a function.

Return in Plugin panel Return function

Various other GUI fixes, bugs and enhancements

  • Renaming a process' Parameters or Result property is now reflected in JSON expressions
  • Clarified the validation message when using True/False, instead of true/false, in expressions
  • Booleans are now changed to lowercase when converted to an expression
  • Overeager auto-complete for $.System in Expression Editor
  • Show friendly property names in the ConnectionString editor for Google Drive and Sheets
  • Do not allow overwriting a folder when saving a new solution
  • Fixed bug where custom result of a copied function is lost after reloading the solution
  • Fixed bug where designer was never notified when deployment completed
  • Fixed bug where stopping debug crashed Linx
  • Fixed bug causing debug to never end
  • Fixed bug where the result of 'Find References' showed an internal reference
  • Fixed bug where the text of Settings was sometimes not visible in Dark mode on the Server