Getting Started

To use Linx you need to get two separate applications

Linx Application Designer

A visual drag & drop IDE to create Linx Applications

A Linx Application is a backend application, meaning an application without a user interface.

Linx applications are created in the Linx Application Designer simply by dragging pre-made functions into logical workflows. In the Linx Designer, you get an extensive list of plugins to choose from, each containing a number of functions.

These workflows are kicked off using services as triggers, such as a Timer, DirectoryWatch, Message Queue events or exposed as API's.

Linx Application Server

A cloud environment that hosts and runs your Linx Applications

The Linx Application Server is a cloud-based web application that runs Linx Applications when they are kicked off by trigger services you build into the application.

Linx Applications require a Linx Application Server to run. Deploy your Linx Applications directly from the Linx Designer and start the application trigger services to run your Linx Application.