Extract and transform data

This is Linx core functionality, the reading, transforming and writing data from and to files, databases and API's. While ETL is a dated term, the practice of extracting data, transforming it and loading it into another resource is now more common than ever.

Linx has a large set of plugins for ETL

  • Databases
    Work with SQL, Oracle or any ODBC datasource
  • Files
    Built-in functions to manage files and folders as well as read and write text and binary files
  • JSON
    Json is the standard data format used in Linx processes, but there are also specialised Reader and Writer functions
  • Excel
    Read and write Excel files (.xlsx)
  • XML
    XML Peek , Poke, Read and Write functions
  • FTP
    A collection of FTP functions to manage remote files
  • Web
    Support for calling API's as well as creating and hosting API's (REST and SOAP)
  • AmazonRDS
    Specialised functions to access and use Amazon RDS services

Linx Application ETL samples

Parse CSV File
Parse XML File
Write CSV File
Write Large File
Write Fixed Length and CSV Files