Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install Linx?

     ⟩⟩   Installing Linx

How do I create a Solution?

     ⟩⟩   How to create a Basic Solution

How do I create a Service?

     ⟩⟩   Working with Services

How do I use Plugins?

     ⟩⟩   Working with Plugins

How do I create a Process?

     ⟩⟩   How to create a Process

How do I use Expressions?

     ⟩⟩   Working with Expressions

     ⟩⟩   How to use the Expression Editor

How do I debug a Process?

     ⟩⟩   How to Debug

How do I deploy a Solution?

     ⟩⟩   How to deploy a Solution

How do I start a Service?

     ⟩⟩   Linx Server: Quick Start

How do I create a Custom Type?

     ⟩⟩   How to create a Custom Type

How do I configure Settings?

     ⟩⟩   How to configure Settings