Access your Application Cloud's file system

Your Linx Application Server has a 32Gb data disk assigned to F:\mydrive\ on the server.

All files, folders and databases that you want to use in your Linx Solutions must be stored on the server's F-drive. Therefore, any such file, folder or database that is on your local machine must be copied across to the F-drive on your server to be accessible to your solutions. It also means that, when designing a solution, all references and connection strings to files, folders and databases must point to their locations on the F-drive.

Note: You are able to view files that are in the F:\mydrive folder (and sub-folders), but you cannot view any file that is outside of the F:\mydrive path.

How to access the F-drive

The F-drive is accessible at https://[abc] (where [abc] is the unique address of your server) using a browser, Windows File Explorer or any Webdav client.

Paste the URL into the Windows File Explorer address bar and supply your Webdav credentials (that were emailed to you) to get full control of your files and folders.

You can also map the folder to a drive letter on your local machine using the following command:

       net use Z: https://[abc] /u:[user] [password]

       (where [abc] is the unique address of your server)

Note: Your server address was emailed to you by after your server creation was completed.

Access files with Windows File Explorer