Access your SQL Server database

Your Linx Application Cloud contains a 1Gb Microsoft SQL Server database. When connecting to your database with Linx Database functions, use the connection string that was emailed to you by

Connection string:

Data;Initial Catalog=Data;Integrated Security=;User ID=[user];Password=[password];

Use the connection string to connect any of the Linx database functions to your database. You can connect to your database with your favorite database management tool, using the details in the connection string.

Examples of DB management tools:

SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)

dbForge Studio for SQL Server

SQLite Database Browser

Example connection strings

When using other database engines, the connection strings must follow these formats:


Uid=root;Pwd= password;Driver={MySQL ODBC 8.0 ANSI Driver};Server=localhost;Database=myDatabase;


Uid=postgres;Pwd=password;Driver={PostgreSQL ANSI(x64)};Server=localhost;Database=myDatabase;


Driver={SQLite3 ODBC Driver};Database=F:\myDatabase.db;

For more details on database connection strings, go here.