How to use Linx on a Mac

Linx is a Windows based system, as it requires and use a large number of Windows specific libraries and frameworks. However, that does not stop a Mac (or Linux) user from testing and using Linx.

There are multiple ways to do this, but below is just one of the quickest ways to get going.

  1. Download and install VirtualBox on your machine from


  2. Download a Virtual Machine. Microsoft has made some VMs available for testing purposes. You can download a Windows 10 virtual machine here:


  3. Install the Virtual Machine by unzipping the downloaded file and double clicking on the ___ file.

  4. Set up your VM by clicking on the VM and right-clicking. Then select Settings.


  5. In the different tabs, select the resources you would like to assign to your VM. The following is recommended for Linx:

    • 2+ CPUs
    • 4000+ MB Memory
    • 50gb HD Space
    • Shared Clipboard - Bidirectional
    • Network either Bridged or NAT
  6. Start the VM up and log into Windows. If prompted, the login details are:

    • Username: IEUser
    • Password: Passw0rd!
  7. Once in Windows, download Linx from https://Linx.Software

  8. Install Linx normally