Linx supports a number of plugins. All the plugins that have been added to a Solution are listed in the Plugins section.

Locating a specific plugin can be done by using the search facility or by browsing the list of added plugins.

To search for and have a list of relevant plugins displayed, enter a keyword in the Search field.


Plugins are organized and displayed on different levels of detail. To get to the most specific usable element of a plugin, expand each level. When the specific plugin Function, Service or Type has been identified, click, drag and drop the plugin element onto the main canvas.

Add a Plugin

To add a plugin to your solution, click the Add Plugins button, then click the Add button of the relevant plugin (see below).


Maintain Plugins

Each Plugin will have relevant options available to:

  1. get more information on the plugin
  2. remove the plugin
  3. upgrade the plugin

These options are displayed next to each plugin name, as shown below:



  • The upgrade option will only display when an upgrade is available for the plugin.

  • To access the options for removing a plugin or for getting more information, hover over the plugin name to display the option icons.


To upgrade, click the upgrade icon, then click the "Upgrade to [version]" link.


A confirmation tick will display; click on the tick, then click on "Reload solution".


Demo video

Add Plugins to a Solution