Solution Dashboard

To access a Solution Dashboard, select the relevant solution from the System Overview screen.


The Solution Dashboard provides:

  • A view of the main Solution components with the ability to drill down into components for more detail.
  • The ability to monitor the state of the Solution and its associated Services and Events.
  • A quick way of taking specific action on the Solution, Services and Events.

Name of the Solution

Confirmation of the selected Solution to which the Dashboard applies.

Actions drop-down

From here the following actions can be performed on the Solution:

  • Restart Solution
  • Download Solution
  • Remove Solution

List of Services

In the center of the display is a list of Services with:

  • The name of the Service.
  • An indication of the Service state (On or Off) - click the button to change the current state.
  • A list of associated Events.
  • Event counters, indicating the number of times an Event has executed successfully and the number of times it has failed (based on the user’s selection of date range, located at the top of the screen).
  • A graph indicating the dates and times when the event was successfully and unsuccessfully executed. Click on a graph bar for more details of the event execution. (To see specific error details, select the relevant project from the menu on the left of the screen, then click through to the event details screen.)

Date range options

To filter the counter and graph displays, use the date range options at the top of the screen.


The date range options are: - the last 24 hours - the last week - the last month