Linx Server

Linx Server is a Windows service that is accessible via a web browser and is used to host your Linx solutions.

Linx Server functionality can be categorized under 2 main themes:

1. Managing Linx Server

There are server-wide settings and tasks that could be maintained and monitored for the overall functioning of the server.

2. Managing deployed Solutions for execution

Solutions can be deployed to Linx Server from Linx Designer or from Linx Server itself.

Each Service within a Solution must be started before it will fire Events.

In addition to starting, stopping or restarting a solution or service, the performance of solutions and services can be monitored on Linx Server.


Certain Linx Server settings are contained in the following configuration file:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Twenty57 Linx Server 5\Bin\Server\Twenty57.Linx.Server.Core.exe.config

To enable Linx Server to send server related emails (e.g. password resets), add these SMTP settings to the config file's app settings:


          <add key="SmtpHost" value=""/>

          <add key="SmtpPort" value="587"/>

          <add key="SmtpFromEmailAddress" value=""/>

          <add key="SmtpUserName" value="user-name"/>

          <add key="SmtpPassword" value="my-smtp-password"/>


Note: Do a restart of your Linx Server for the changes to take effect.