Linx best-practice principles

When creating a solution with Linx, keep the following principles in mind to ensure an efficient and effective solution.



Don’t repeat yourself. If you find the same thing being done in multiple processes, rather put it in its own process. The process can then be re-used at different applicable times within the solution.

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Single responsibility

A solution, project or process should exist to do one thing. The name of the solution, project or process should clearly indicate what it is for.

Also see: Single responsibility principle

Keep it simple

Do the simplest thing that will work, and only implement things when you need them.

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Only include what is applicable to the achievement of the intended objective of the solution, project or process.

Naming conventions

Names should be descriptive of the purpose of the solution, project or process it is naming. Stick to the same naming convention throughout your solution.


Don't use TryCatch except in events or other top level processes i.e. do not swallow exceptions.


These are general principles, not hard and fast rules. There are scenarios where any of them might not be useful. The trick is to at least consider the reasons and then ignore the principle knowingly.