Integrating Xero and Linx

Xero is a New Zealand-based software company that develops cloud-based accounting software for small and medium-sized businesses.

The Linx Xero plugin contains numerous functions and types that support working with the Xero Accounting API.

Using the Xero plugin on Linx

Example: Retrieve invoices from Xero


  • You have registered on Xero and have an active Xero account.
  • You have created an App for Linx on the Xero developers platform.
  • You have created the authentication credentials to connect to your Xero app.


  1. Add the Xero plugin to your solution
  2. Drag the GetInvoices function from the Plugins panel (Xero) and drop it on the main canvas
  3. Add these properties:
  • Name: Enter any name (unique to your project)
  • Authentication Type: Select either 'OAuth1' or 'OAuth2'.
  • The type relates to your Xero app: apps created before December 2019 used OAuth1, while apps created after December 2019 use OAuth2.

  • Authentication properties:
    • For connecting to a Xero app that uses OAuth2:
    • TenantID: Tenants are the organisations (small businesses) or practices (accounting firms) to which a user belongs and which they can access.
    • RefreshToken: The token that is used to refresh the access token once it has expired.
    • ClientID: Your unique client identifier.
    • ClientSecret: The secret credentials that will be used to authenticate your connection.

      For connecting to a Xero app that uses OAuth1:

    • Authentication Path: The location of your authentication certificate file, e.g. C:\OpenSSL-Win64\bin
    • Certificate Password: The password that you used as part of the certificate creation.
    • Consumer Key: The Consumer Key that was created as part of the Xero-Linx App creation on the Xero platform.
    • Consumer Secret: The Consumer Secret that was created as part of the Xero-Linx App creation on the Xero platform.

  • Statuses: Click the edit icon, then select “Authorized” from the drop-down list– this will retrieve all Invoices that are still due for payment (irrespective of due date).
  • Order by: Enter DueDate – the ordering default is Ascending – specify DueDate Descending if required.
  • Return options: Select 'Item by Item'

  • Samples

    Download some useful samples of Xero-Linx integration scenarios from the Samples section.


    Getting Started with Xero and Linx (E-book) covers in detail how to establish a connection between Linx and Xero, including how to create the required authentication certificate.

    Demo Video

    Get Invoices