FTPUpload uploads a file to an FTP-site.



Connection values to connect to the FTP server.


The type of FTP connection to create. Possible values are FTP (default), FTPS or SFTP.

Note: FTPS uses explicit FTPS except where port 990 is specified when implicit FTPS is used.


The address of the FTP-site.


The port number to connect to.


Period in seconds to establish a connection.

Authentication type

The authentication method to use (Anonymous or Basic).


The username to use to authenticate. (When Authentication type is "Basic".)


The password to use to authenticate. (When Authentication type is "Basic".)

Keep file name

If checked, the file will be uploaded with the same file name as the original.

Remote path

If Keep file name is checked, the folder on the FTP-site where the file will be copied. Otherwise, both the folder path and the file name must be provided.

If a file with the same name already exists in the folder on the FTP-site, it will be overwritten.

Source file path

The local file path to the file to upload.

Create directory

Select this property to create the directory if it does not exist.

Wikipedia: File Transfer Protocol