Google Drive

Google Drive is Google's online file storage and synchronization service, which can be used for file storage and backup, as well as for project collaboration.

The Google Drive plugin contains functions and types that allow you to programmatically access your files on Google Drive.

Go to Get Started with Linx and Google API's for a quick start guide on integration to Google API's.



  • GetAbout: Gets information about the user, the user's Drive, and system capabilities.


  • GetStartPageToken: Gets the starting pageToken for listing future changes.
  • ListChanges: Lists the changes for a user or shared drive.


  • CreateComment: Creates a new comment on a file.
  • DeleteComment: Deletes a comment.
  • GetComment: Gets a comment by ID.
  • ListComments: Lists a file's comments.
  • UpdateComment: Updates a comment with patch semantics.


  • CopyFile: Creates a copy of a file.
  • CreateFile: Creates a new file.
  • DeleteFile: Permanently deletes a file owned by the user without moving it to the trash.
  • EmptyTrash: Permanently deletes all of the user's trashed files.
  • ExportFile: Exports a Google Doc to the requested MIME type and returns the exported content.
  • GenerateFieldIds: Generates a set of file IDs which can be provided in create or copy requests.
  • GetFile: Gets a file's metadata or content by ID.
  • ListFiles: Lists or searches files.
  • UpdateFile: Updates a file's metadata and/or content with patch semantics.


  • CreatePermission: Creates a permission for a file or shared drive.
  • DeletePermission: Deletes a permission.
  • GetPermission: Gets a permission by ID.
  • ListPermissions: Lists a file's or shared drive's permissions.
  • UpdatePermission: Updates a permission with patch semantics.


  • CreateReply: Creates a new reply to a comment.
  • DeleteReply: Deletes a reply.
  • GetReply: Gets a reply by ID.
  • ListReplies: Lists a comment's replies.
  • UpdateReply: Updates a reply with patch semantics.


  • DeleteRevision: Permanently deletes a file version for files with binary content in Google Drive, like images or videos.
  • GetRevision: Gets a revision's metadata or content by ID.
  • ListRevisions: Lists a file's revisions.
  • UpdateRevision: Updates a revision with patch semantics.


  • ContentHintsData: Creates a reusable type for additional information about the content of a file.
  • ThumbnailData: Creates a reusable type for thumbnail data of a file.

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