Signs data using an Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA) private key.

In the diagram below, the dark rectangle represents the activity of signing some data using a private key that is stored at a safe location.
ECDSA Process
Also see: CreateECDSAKeys, VerifyECDSASignature.


Private key

The private ECDSA key to use to generate the signed data (see CreateECDSAKeys).
The key can be given as a list of bytes or a base64 string.

Hash algorithm

The hash algorithm to use when signing the data. The options are SHA256, SHA384, or SHA512.


The data to sign. This can be a list of bytes or a base64 string.


  • The ECDSA signature in the form of a list of bytes.


The example below shows a simple process where the private key is retrieved from a local database and used to sign some data which is received as input.

Sign Example