This function supports moving directories (folders).


Source directory

Indicates the full path of the directory on which to perform the action.

Target directory

Indicates the full path to the destination directory.

Directory exists

What to do when the Target directory already exists.

  • Overwrite directory replaces the entire contents of the target directory with the contents of the source directory.

  • Merge directory retains all existing sub-directories and files in the target directory. Files that also exist in the source directory will replace those in the target directory based on the Replace existing files property.

  • Do nothing keeps the target directory unchanged.

Replace existing files

Visible when the Directory exists option selected is Merge directory. Selects if any file already in the destination directory that is also in the source directory should be replaced by the file in the source directory. If this option is unchecked, all existing files in the target directory will be kept unchanged.


Does not have output.