Use this function to read delimited files, such as CSV files.

The TextFileRead function reads the contents of text files. It can return delimited file contents field-by-field.


File path

The path to the file to be read.


Code page is another term for character encoding. It consists of a table of values that describes the character set for a particular language.

The default Codepage is the codepage used in your operating system.

Return options

Three options are available for reading the file contents.

Line by line returns each line contents in a loop. If you have defined fields, each field is returned by the function and can be accessed in the loop.

List of lines returns the entire file, but as a list. Each list member represents one line from the file. If you use a ForEach function to loop the list, you can access all fields separately in the loop.

Complete reads the entire file and returns it as one string.


This property allows for importing of delimited files. You can define the fields manually or by importing a sample file.

If you define fields, the function can return each field separately.

Skip header lines

The number of header lines to ignore in the file.

The number of footer lines to ignore in the file.

Code page

Transformations of Unicode Code Points