This plugin has been deprecated.

In order to use this function, the necessary Pastel SDK files have to be installed on the host computer.

Import customer or supplier documents into Pastel.


Data path

The location of the Pastel data files.

User id

An optional user id to send with the document import.

Document type

The document type to import.
Available options are: - Customer quotation, Customer sales orders, Customer invoices, Customer credit note, Customer debit note, Supplier purchase orders, Supplier GRNs, Supplier invoices, Supplier return/debit; or - Supplier credit to supplier

Create batch

If true, the document will not be updated to the General Ledger and will remain in a batch.

A list of pipe-separated ("|") strings that defines the header of the document. The header string must use the following layout:

Field Type Format
Document Number Character 8 characters maximum
Deleted Character Y=Deleted, <space> = Not deleted
Print Status Character Y=Printed, <space> = Not printed
Customer Code Character 7 characters maximum
Date Character DD/MM/YYYY (Date defaults the period, unless it is not within the range of the year)
Order Number Character 15 characters maximum
Inc/Exc Character Y=Inclusive, N=Exclusive
Discount Numeric 4 characters
Invoice Message 1-3 Character 3 separate fields of 30 characters maximum each
Delivery Address 1-5 Character 5 separate fields of 30 characters maximum each
Sales Analysis Code Character 5 characters maximum
Settlement Terms Code Character 00-32
Job Code Character 5 characters maximum
Closing Date Character DD/MM/YYYY, expiry date for quotes, and expected delivery date for orders
Telephone Character 16 characters maximum
Contact Character 16 characters maximum
Fax Character 16 characters maximum
Exchange Rate Numeric Exchange rate
Description Character 40 characters
ExemptRef Character 16 characters
Address (1-5) Character 30 characters
Ship / Deliver Character 16 characters
Freight Character 10 characters
On Hold Character Y=On hold, N=Not on hold

For additional formatting options, please consult the Pastel SDK help file.


A pipe-separated ("|") string that defines the lines of the document. Each line has the following layout:

Field Type Format
Cost Price Numeric Unit cost price
Quantity Numeric Line Quantity
Unit Selling Price Numeric Exclusive selling price per unit
Inclusive Price Numeric Inclusive selling price per unit
Unit Character 4 characters maximum
Tax Type Character 00-30
Discount Type Character 0=None, 1=Settlement, 2=Overall, 3=Both
Discount Percentage Character 4 characters, omit decimals, e.g. 12.5%=1250
Code Character 15 characters maximum, inventory or GL
Description Character 40 characters maximum
Line Type Character 4=Inventory, 6=GL, 7=Remarks
Multi-store Character 3 characters maximum
Cost Code Character 5 characters maximum

For additional formatting options, please consult the Pastel SDK help file.


A string value that contains the result of a successful import operation.