Bank Transaction

Use this type to set up a reusable Bank Transaction variable.


Type See Bank Transaction Types
Contact See Contacts
Lineitems See LineItems. The LineItems element can contain any number of individual LineItem sub-elements.
BankAccount Bank account for transaction. See BankAccount
IsReconciled Boolean to show if transaction is reconciled
Date Date of transaction - YYYY-MM-DD
Reference Reference for the transaction. Only supported for SPEND and RECEIVE transactions.
CurrencyCode The currency that bank transaction has been raised in (see Currencies). Setting currency is only supported on overpayments.
CurrencyRate Exchange rate to base currency when money is spent or received. e.g. 0.7500 Only used for bank transactions in non base currency. Setting currency is only supported on overpayments.
Url URL link to a source document - shown as "Go to App Name"
Status See Bank Transaction Status Codes
LineAmountTypes See Line Amount Types
SubTotal Total of bank transaction excluding taxes
TotalTax Total tax on bank transaction
Total Total of bank transaction tax inclusive
BankTransactionID Xero generated unique identifier for bank transaction
PrepaymentID Xero generated unique identifier for a Prepayment. This will be returned on BankTransactions with a Type of SPEND-PREPAYMENT or RECEIVE-PREPAYMENT
OverpaymentID Xero generated unique identifier for an Overpayment. This will be returned on BankTransactions with a Type of SPEND-OVERPAYMENT or RECEIVE-OVERPAYMENT
UpdatedDateUTC Last modified date UTC format
HasAttachments Boolean to indicate if a bank transaction has an attachment
Elements for Line Items
Description The description of the line item
Quantity LineItem Quantity
UnitAmount Lineitem unit amount. By default, unit amount will be rounded to two decimal places. You can opt in to use four decimal places by adding the querystring parameter unitdp=4 to your query. See the Rounding in Xero guide for more information.
AccountCode See Accounts
ItemCode ItemCode can only be present when the Bank Transaction Type is SPEND or RECEIVE.
LineItemID The Xero generated identifier for a LineItem.
TaxType Used as an override if the default Tax Code for the selected AccountCode is not correct - see TaxTypes.
LineAmount The total of the line including discount
Tracking Optional Tracking Category - see Tracking. Any LineItem can have a maximum of 2 TrackingCategory elements.
Elements for Bank Account
Code BankAccount code (this value may not always be present for a bank account)
AccountID BankAccount identifier

Xero Developer: Bank Transaction