The XMLPoke function writes to one or more XML nodes in an XML Document.


XML source

XML source controls where the function reads the input XML from, and can be one of the following values:

  1. File
    Reads from the XML file defined in the XML file property;
  2. String
    Reads from an XML formatted string defined in the XML string property.

XML file

The path to an XML file which will be read by the function.
This property is only visible if XML source is set to "File".

XML string

The XML formatted string to read.
This property is only visible if XML source is set to "String".


XPath is a string conforming to the XML path language format. It is used to select which nodes are read by the function.


An optional string defining any XML namespaces for prefixes used in the XPath property.

Namespaces should be defined in the format [prefix]="[URI]". Multiple definitions should be separated by a space.

Replace with

Value to replace contents of matching nodes.

Return XML

If "Return XML" is set, the updated XML string will be provided as the function's output.

Update File

If "Update File" is set, the changes made by this function will be written back into the XML file.
This option is available only when XML source is set to "File".

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