XMLReader reads an XML-formatted string from a file or from a field and parses it into an object structure.


XML source

Controls where the function reads the input XML from, and can be one of the following values:

  1. File
    Reads from the XML file defined in the XML file property;
  2. String
    Reads from an XML formatted string defined in the XML string property.

XML file

The path to an XML file which will be read by the function.
This property is visible only when XML source is set to "File".

XML string

The XML formatted string to read.
This property is visible only when XML source is set to "String".


The XML schema describing the structure of the XML document. The schema will be used to build the object structure that the function will provide in its output.
The Schema editor can be used to derive a schema from a sample XML document.

Property map

In case you want the object's Property Name to be different to the XML Name, map the names in the Mapping Editor.

Usage: A different property name is required when the value of the XML Name is not valid in Linx.


Wikipedia: XML

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