Write CSV or Fixed Length File

This sample contains functionality for writing CSV and fixed length files using expressions and Razor templates.



To run the sample

  1. Click on the Settings button and change the value of FilePath to a folder that exists on your computer.
  2. Run any process in the sample project and visit the output folder to open the file you have written.

How it works

  • The first process in this sample called "CommaDelimitedExpression" retrieves people data from a list and uses expressions defined in the Expression Editor to write the data to a comma-delimited file.

  • The second process, called "CommaDelimitedUsingTemplate" uses a Razor Template to accomplish the same. It also writes a comma-separated file containing the customer data.

  • The third process, called "FixedLengthExpression" uses expressions to generate data in a 'fixed length' format. The data is also written to a file.

  • The fourth and last process, called "FixedLengthUsingTemplate" uses a Razor template to format the data in a fixed length format for writing to a file.