Excel Plugin

Seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Excel. The Excel plugin allows you to read or write Excel workbooks and sheets, directly from within your process.

Key Features 

  • Read and write to Excel sheets without writing code
  • Quickly read data rows from files and access each field individually
  • Import data from various data sources
  • Perform various kinds of data processing such as data validation, sorting, and filtering
  • Convert Spreadsheet data to CSV and TSV formats
  • Using templates, create professional looking Excel spreadsheets

Additional Resources

Additional Excel Tools

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Analyze, retrieve, calculate, manipulate and report real-time data on a daily basis.

Format agnostic
Easily work with any spreadsheet format, multiple formats within the same process, and varying positions of columns across different worksheets.

Eliminate manual errors, execute repetitive tasks or integrate Excel tasks with other processes across your business. Run scheduled events on demand or kick-off automations based on preset criteria.

Apply powerful logic
Create workflows that can read or write CSV files and use additional programming functions including conditional branching and decision-making.

Plugin Functions

Read Excel
Read data from an Excel spreadsheet file

Write Excel
Add (write) a row of data to an Excel spreadsheet file

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