Backend for Business. Faster.

A seamless developer tool for faster custom applications

A low-code platform to connect backend systems, apps and customers in ways that let you innovate new services, automate processes and expand the reach of your business. 

Integrate systems and build applications Integrate quickly. Automate easily. Host effortlessly.

Quickly and easily build processes that allow you to manipulate and orchestrate data across multiple systems. Deploy your completed application and execute triggered events in our secure environment. 

Application Designer  

Application Server  

Application design and hosting

Design Backend Applications & Web Services

Low-code IDE to create & debug process
Integrate databases, applications, web services and files
Program backend functions and automated services
Visually implement complex business logic

More about the Designer IDE  |   Docs

Host, Execute & Manage Applications

Host your applications & web services
Autonomously execute event triggered applications
Review, manage and scale application performances
1-Click deploy on-premise or to our hosted cloud

More about the Linx Application Server  |   Docs

IT and business Control your data and unite IT and business

Create solutions to automate an array of business processes. Communicate with internal applications, customers and business thorough APIs, email, files and more. 

Linx IT architecture

Build powerful business applicationsBuild powerful backend applications

Convert Problems to Prototypes

Use zero-code development and hassle-free deployment to rapidly transform your unique business ideas into custom-built processes and microservices.

Focus on the Business Logic

Select from an extensive library of ready-made components to design, build and deploy business processes with unparalleled speed.

Backend Without the Backache

With a secure and ultra-scalable cloud for running services, you can develop, test, optimize and automate mBaaS tasks from our single integrated platform.

Unparalleled Support

One-to-one human help at your call. Get strategic guidance, deep technical skills, and relevant expertise to easily achieve your business goals.

Integrate systems & databases    Automate tasks and workflows    Create & host APIs    Mobile backends (MBaaS)

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