Use Linx to connect and automate

Linx consists of Designer - a visual development environment that allows you to design complex processes without writing a single line of code, and a Linx Server - a Windows Service application which can fire events based on a trigger or host the web services defined in your solution.

Linx drag and drop Designer

Linx Designer

A Windows Desktop Application

Develop processes with technically complex tasks and multiple steps

A visual development environment that allows you to design complex processes without writing code. Connect applications and solutions, integrate systems and create, debug and run processes in seconds with drag-and-drop functionality.

Drag and drop UI   -   Pre-built plugins  -   Automation triggers   -   Any database, system or file format   -   Debugging Tool 

Linx Server

Hosted locally or in the cloud

Host and manage event triggered solutions and web services

A Windows service that hosts and manages Linx Solutions. Managed via a web-based interface, the Linx Server triggers and automates the events defined in your solutions and hosting web services.

One touch deployment   -   Centralized overview of jobs   -   Events history and error logging

Linx Server

Integrate systems. Build workflows. Automate processes. Streamline effeciency

Connect your  SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL MySQL  MongoDb database or easily integrate data across numerous systems.

Link your processes and publish as REST or SOAP web services.

Control your process flow by using common programming operations.

Use nearly any file format:
Json, XML, Text, CSV, Images, Binary Files, PDF, HTML, Excel and more…..

Create workflows that run like clockwork. Trigger events with Timers, Directory WatchEmailMessage Queues and more.

Create a web service in under 3 minutes

Linx saves you time by giving you access to pre-built plugins to create, connect and automate programs and processes without writing a single line of code. All you need is the logic.  Visit our blog and see how you can create a RESTful web service in seconds.