The easiest way to integrate with Kyriba Open API

The Kyriba Open API platform unlocks fintech innovation for enterprise CFOs and their CIO counterparts. Linx streamlines the connectivity to the Kyriba API and fast-tracks the development of new applications that interact with the API.

The Linx / Kyriba API Implementation allows you to:

  • Rapidly integrate Kyriba into your line of business systems, including general ledger, enterprise payments systems, and ERP platforms.
  • Streamline the creation and connectivity of new applications within your company’s network.
  • Easily automate tasks and orchestrate workflows such as Payments, Cash Flows, Onboarding etc.
  • Quickly create and execute prototype solutions for treasury teams.


About the Kyriba API / Linx Solution

The Linx API integration aims to speed up innovation in building financial management applications that interact with Kyriba.

API methods are available to manage bank accounts, bank branches, bank groups, statement balances, cash balances, companies, data, permissions, hedge dedesignations, suppliers, users, and more.

Kyriba API

End-points Implemented in the Linx Solution

• GetToken

• Bank Account Groups

• Bank Accounts

• Bank Branches

• Bank Groups

• Bank Statement Balances

• Company Groups

• Data

• Data Permissions

• Data Permission Profiles

• Hedge Dedesignations

• Process Templates

• Banks

• Budget Codes

• Cash Balances

• Cash Flows

• Companies

• Supplier Service Accesses

• Supplier Users

• Third Parties

• User Groups

• Users