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Launching the new Linx website

Today is an exciting day for all of us here at Linx. By now you’ve probably noticed a few changes around Linx, most notably our new logo, new website and revised color palette. And while modernizing our look and feel is important, I wanted to take a few minutes to provide you with some additional color and context about the journey we’re on and what this means to you.

As we look back, it’s humbling to know how you’ve helped us evolve – from a one client piece of software to being the dependable workhorse for so many IT pros. We’re now connecting millions of pieces of data each day, giving pros like you the resource they need to get things done.

Over the years, I believe we’ve built a product that IT pros, DBAs, Devops, developers and system analysts love,  a product that they can come to each and every day to do their jobs. We know you’re managing a complex tech stack that isn’t getting simpler anytime soon, we know you always have some problem that needs fixing and that you’ve got a lot on your plate, but hopefully Linx has helped to make your day just a little easier. But we want to do more.

The good news is we’ve already started down this path by evolving our product strategy.  As it stands today, low-code platforms are only in their infancy in terms of adoption, but more and more IT pros are looking to do more with platforms such as these each day. In fact, a recent study of 4500 IT pros in 22 countries showed that 43% will use a low-code platform this year.

IT pros such as you have taught us a bunch over the years, and we’ve taken what we’ve learned and applied it to our planning and strategy as we move forward. As a result, Linx is growing and we are proud to say, become a highly dependable partner for companies around the world. We have built lasting relationships with IT pros and we’re helping them drive business results while always striving for a great user experience.

This is why we come to work every day – to build a product that just works better for everyone in IT. In the months and years to come, you’ll see a host of new features –  from an improved UI to user-requested, crowd pleasing plugins and better educational content –  we are working on making your Linx experience better.

So back to our new look……

We have evolved so many times in the last  couple of years and as we’ve released Linx version 5. Keep in mind, we built Linx (and designed our logo for that matter)  before the first iPhone, high-resolution screens, and the widespread adoption of cloud-based services.

But today, we are moving forward. The world – and Linx and low-code development – has changed a lot in the last 15 years, and we’ve decided it’s the right time to modernize our brand, logo and broader brand identity to better reflect who we are today and where we’re going.

Today is a fun and exciting day. But before we move on I must say thank you – thank you to our staff and thank you to our users. We appreciate all that you do to keep the world’s businesses up and running, we appreciate what you do for us at Linx, and we appreciate the opportunity to serve you!

All the best,
Anthony (Marketing)

Read the full press release here

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