[NEW RELEASE] Xero API plugin

Stop working your asset off… the Xero integration plugin is now live in Linx.

Linx is known for creating handy pre-built plugins for all sorts of things. Our goal is to help developers spend less time developing and maintaining code, so they can spend more time on important things like process design and flows.

Today we’re pleased to announce the launch of our new Xero API plugin – a lifesaver for anyone who spends hours working on the Xero API or hand-coding custom integrations to a database, SaaS product or legacy system.

How does it work?

The plugin offers full access to the Xero API, enabling you to securely integrate with the features of the accounting package. It allows for fast, accurate, bug-free development. The possibilities are endless!

You can use it to integrate your custom back-end system with Xero to track employee timesheets and manage paying them for that time, with automatically generated payslips, leave management, taxation handling and superannuation payments.

Integrations can be set-up to ensure that when information is updated, the changes made to data are instantly reflected across all connected systems.

Here are some of the cool things you can do with it:

  • Quickly integrate databases, legacy systems or other SaaS apps to Xero
  • Design processes with technically complex tasks and multiple steps using the drag and drop designer
  • Automate processes via a trigger or an event with (Timers, Directory Watch, Email or Message Queues)
  • Link your processes together
  • Publish as a web service in seconds
  • Host, monitor and manage event triggered solutions and web services on the Linx Server

The plugin allows you to connect and integrate the Xero API with any business application, while providing the reliability, security and scalability expected from an enterprise-grade system.


About Xero

Used by over 40,000 businesses globally, Xero is a cloud-based online accounting software package that offers users a range of easy-to-use yet powerful accounting and payroll services. By automating regular tasks like importing bank statements, issuing invoices, collecting customer payments, managing bills and paying employees, Xero saves businesses time and resources while instantly providing an up-to-date snapshot of a business’s overall financial situation at any given time.

Get the plugin   |    Pre-built Xero samples


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