[NEW RELEASE] The latest version of Linx is out

We have lift off! Today we’re proud to launch a new version of Linx.

Over the past year, we’ve learned a ton about what people are doing in Linx and the unique problems they are solving. So whether it be design or deployment, plugin or process, the new version of Linx is focused on building a better experience for you!

Here’s what’s new:

Version Controlled Plugins

The latest version of Linx has undergone some major under-the-bonnet redevelopment to include version controlled plugins. Previous versions of Linx were shipped with plugin versions linked to that particular version of the Designer. The result was a slow and cumbersome installation in addition to unnecessary barriers when sharing solutions between users with different versions of Linx. Today’s update makes an important change as it now links the version of the plugin to the solution in which it is being used. This improves both the speed of design in creating new solutions and removes version conflicts when sharing solutions between different versions of Designers. Read more about Version Controlled Plugins

All New Documentation

We are excited to announce an overhaul of our documentation site. The new portal offers an improved experience for learning, building, and working with Linx. It includes various resources such as updated technical documentation, getting started guides, FAQs and other help-related content. As with any new product, this portal, along with our community, will continue to grow as we add more content and create a better experience for our users.

New Plugin: Amazon Web Services

The latest version of Linx includes a new range of Amazon plugins. The new plugins integrate Linx with the AWS ecosystem, providing a reliable low-code connection between AWS and commonly used programmatic functions, services, external applications and databases defined in your processes.

The plugins are designed to boost productivity with the most popular AWS tools such as IAM, RDS, S3, EC2 and more. [See all our AWS plugins]

We've introduced Pricing

Among the major changes we have made in the new version is to split up the Designer and the Server. In the new release, the Designer will be distributed for free and access to the Server will be via a 30-day trial. If users wish to continue to use the Server, they would need to sign up to one of our priced packages. The introduction of pricing has not come without it's headaches, but as a growing business we do need to cover the on-going costs of building our software.  See Pricing FAQs

Finally, when we launched in 2017, we never thought we'd get this far this quickly. A large part of this is down to you, our users. We want to thank each of you for your feedback, beta participation and spirit of innovation, which inspires how we think about our product and the evolution of the platform. With everything we’ve learned over the last year, we’ve almost collected enough to write a book on how low code is changing the way we work.  So for now, its onwards and upwards….

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