Design. Deploy. Automate.

Streamline your development process with powerful low code programming. Easily connect and orchestrate data across any combination of APIs, on-premise applications or cloud-based platform as a service (iPaas) solution. One click deploy to our cloud, or yours, or on premise with end-to-end security, reporting and usage analytics included as standard.

Integrate Systems. Build Workflows

A drag and drop IDE to develop processes with technically complex tasks and multiple steps

Linx Designer

Linx Application Designer A Windows Desktop Application

A visual development environment that allows you to design complex processes without writing code. Connect applications and solutions, integrate systems and create, debug and run processes in seconds with drag-and-drop functionality.

Connect any ODBC, OLE DB and NoSQL databases to easily integrate, store and query data across several systems.

Control your process flow by using common programming operations.

Explore the Designer UI

Use nearly any file format: Json, XML, Text, CSV, Images, Binary Files, PDF, HTML, Excel and more…..

Add a Service to Automate

Trigger processes or expose Web Services using events from a service

Linx has the flexibility to automate almost any backend process. Automate processes and trigger events with timers, email, message queues or watch for directory events to launch a task in response. For unlimited extensibility, go further and expose a web service as a service event.

Trigger Services

Link your processes and publish as REST or SOAP web services.

Create workflows that run like clockwork. Trigger events with Timers, Directory WatchEmailMessage Queues.

Services 101
The key to powerful automation.

Deploy to Automate

A hosted cloud service deploy and  manage solutions

Linx Server

Linx Application Cloud  Running Windows Server 2019 

Linx Application Cloud is an out of the box architected environment for hosting your Linx solutions.  A secure, flexible and cost effective application run-time environment which consists of the Application Server, file storage and database.  View analytics, event history and error logging for complete control and insight into performance.

Build powerful business applications without writing a single line of code

Low-code business solutions in minutes

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