Shipped with Linx are a few basics, like a conditional ‘Throw Exception’ function, process sleep, access to the windows command line and more.



  • Boolean Boolean

    True or False.

  • Byte Byte

    Eight bits.

  • Custom Type Custom Type

    You can define your own type by adding a Custom Type. A Custom Type can contain properties of any type including Custom Types.

  • DateTime DateTime

    Date and time. Use [.ToString(format)] in the Expression Editor to output your desired format in text.

  • Decimal Decimal

    Use this for monetary or financial calculations.

  • Double Double

    Use this for scientific calculations.

  • Integer Integer

    A 64 bit number.

  • List List

    A list containing values of some Type. The Type can be any of the built in types or a Custom Type.

  • String String



  • Debug Debug

    Debug a Process.

  • Deploy Deploy

    Deploy a solution to a Linx server.

  • Expression Editor Expression Editor

    Write expressions in C#.

  • Flow Flow

    Show the relationship between Processes.

  • Run Run

    Run a Process in a different Windows process.

  • Settings Settings

    Store configuration values in settings. These are easy to change when moving between environments.