IfElse allows for testing of conditions. The if statement provides a separate path of execution when an "if" clause evaluates to TRUE.


  • Conditions

    A set of conditions to evaluate.

  • Stop when true

    When UNCHECKED, the conditions will be evaluated separately as a series of IF statements. When CHECKED, the conditions will be combined with IfElse statements.

  • Show else

    When CHECKED, the statement will include an ELSE condition for you to define. When UNCHECKED there will be no ELSE condition.


‘Stop when true’ is CHECKED

 if (condition1) {     //your logic   } elseif (condition2) {     //your logic   } 

‘Stop when true’ is UNCHECKED

 if (condition1) {     //your logic   }  if (condition2) {     //your logic   }