The SendEmail function is used to send emails to an SMTP server for distribution to recipients.

Electronic mail servers and other mail transfer agents use SMTP to send and receive mail messages. User-level client mail applications typically use SMTP only for sending messages to a mail server for relaying, as does this Linx function.



  • Subject

    The subject line of the email. This has to be a string that may not exceed 78 characters.

  • Body

    The body of the email to be sent.

  • Attachments

    Any attachments that need to be sent out with the email. This needs to point to files.


  • Username

    The username to log into the Inbox. This is commonly the email address.

  • Password

    The password to log into the Inbox.


  • Body format

    The options are Text or HTML.

  • Enable SSL

    SSL is required by some mail servers, including Gmail.

  • Port

    The default port is 25, when SSL is enabled it is 587.

  • Priority

    Not every email system supports message priority. Clients that do support it, commonly add an exclamation mark to that email or give the email otherwise a higher visibility in the Inbox.

  • Timeout

    Send timeout in seconds.


  • To

    The main recipient.

  • CC

    Carbon copied recipients. CC recipients are visible to other recipients of an email.

  • BCC

    Blind carbon copied recipients. BCC recipients are not be visible to other recipients.


  • From

    The From address.


  • Smtp Server

    The server IP address, network name or URL.