Use this function to read delimited files, such as CSV files.

The TextFileRead function reads the contents of text files. It can return delimited file contents field-by-field.


  • File path

    The path to the file to be read.

  • Codepage

    Code page is another term for character encoding. It consists of a table of values that describes the character set for a particular language.

    The default Codepage is the codepage used in your operating system.

  • Read type

    Three options are available for reading the file contents.

    Line by line returns each line contents in a loop. If you have defined fields, each field is returned by the function and can be accessed in the loop.

    List of lines returns the entire file, but as a list. Each list member represents one line from the file. If you use a ForEach function to loop the list, you can access all fields separately in the loop.

    Complete reads the entire file and returns it as one string.

  • Fields

    This property allows for importing of delimited files. You can define the fields manually or by importing a sample file.

    If you define fields, the function can return each field separately.

  • Skip header lines

    The number of header lines to ignore in the file.

  • Skip footer lines

    The number of footer lines to ignore in the file.


Linx 5: Text File Read and Write