FTPDownload downloads a file from an FTP-site.


  • Type

    The type of FTP connection to create. Possible values are FTP (default), FTPS or SFTP.

    FTPS uses explicit FTPS except where port 990 is specified when implicit FTPS is used.

  • Connection

    Connection values to connect to the FTP server.

    • Host

      The address of the FTP-site.

    • Port

      The port number to connect to.

    • Authentication type

      The authentication method to use (Anonymous or Basic).

    • Username

      The username to use to authenticate.

    • Password

      The password to use to authenticate.

    • Timeout

      Period in seconds to establish a connection.

  • Remote folder

    The folder on the FTP-site that contains the file(s) to download.

  • Remote file name

    Pattern of the file types to download.

  • Destination folder

    The local folder where the file(s) should be copied to.

  • Include subfolders

    Download files in subfolders that match the specified pattern.

  • Purge destination

    Deletes local files that are not on the remote server.


Wikipedia: File Transfer Protocol