ReadPDF reads text, signatures and form data from Pdf documents.

All passwords entered into this function’s properties will be visible in plain text in the Linx solution file and in the compiled .Net assembly.


  • PDF filename

    Path to the PDF file to read.

  • Authentication type

    Pdf files can be protected using a password or a certificate, this field indicates which type of authentication to attempt when loading the PDF.

    1. None
      The document is unprotected and can be opened immediately.
    2. Password
      The document is protected by a password.
    3. Certificate
      The document is protected by a certificate.

  • PDF password

    Password required to access the PDF file. (Visible when using "Password" authentication type.)

  • Certificate source

    Source to load the certificate from. (Visible when using "Certificate" authentication type.)

    1. File
      Load a certificate from a .pfx file.
    2. Store
      Load a certificate from the windows certificate store.

  • Certificate file path

    Path to a .pfx file containing a certificate. (Visible when using "File" as the certificate source.)

  • Certificate file password (Optional)

    The password required to open the .pfx file. (Visible when using "File" as the certificate source.)

  • Stored certificate

    Certificate loaded from the windows certificate store. (Visible when using "Store" as the certificate source.)

  • Read text

    Reads the document text, and returns it an output parameter named "Text".

  • Split text

    Controls how the document text is split. (Visible when "Read text" is checked.)

    1. Never
      Text is never split, all text in the document is returned as a single string value.
    2. Page
      Text is split per page, and returned in a list or strings with one entry per page.

  • Read form data

    Reads any form data preset in the document.

  • Return form data as

    Controls how the form data is returned.

    1. Custom type
      Form data is used to populate an existing custom type.
    2. Infer type from a sample PDF
      Return type is constructed based on a sample PDF document.
    3. List
      Form data is returned as a list of entries.

  • Form data type

    The type used to hold the document’s form data. (Visible when returning form data as a custom type.)

  • Sample PDF

    A sample PDF containing the empty form.

  • Read signatures

    Reads any signatures present in the document.



The document text. Either a list or a string depending on the value of "Split text" property.


Contents of the document form. Either an object or a list of values depending on the value of "Read form data as".


The signatures present in the document.

  • IsSigned
    True if the document contains one or more signatures.
  • LatestSignature
    The most recent signature in the document.
    1. SignedBy
      Name of the person who placed the signature.
    2. SignedAt
      Location where the document was signed.
    3. Reason
      Reason for signing.
    4. SignedOn
      Date of signing
    5. Unmodified
      True if the signed revision has not been altered.
    6. SignedRevision
      The revision number signed.
    7. IsLatestRevision
      No further revisions have been made since signing.