Executes and exports a report on Reporting Services.


  • Authentication

    The domain, user name and password used to authenticate against Reporting Services.

  • File path

    The file path where the report will be created.

  • Output type

    The type of report to generate. Can be xls, xlsx, pdf, doc, docx, csv, html, mhtml, xml or tiff.

  • Reporting server

    • Parameters:
      Semi colon delimited string of report parameters. Use Reporting Services to see the actual report parameters. e.g. StartDate=’1 jan 2006′;EndDate=’1 dec 2006′;CompanyId=1
    • Service URL:
      Reporting Server URL e.g. http://localhost/reportserver/reportservice.asmx or http://localhost/reportserver/reportexecution2005.asmx
    • Report name:
      The Report Name includes folder names. e.g. /My Folder/My Report
    • Timeout:
      Timeout in milliseconds
    • Service type:
      The Reporting services type, i.e. RS2008, RS2012 or RS2014.
  • Web proxy

    • Proxy name:
      The name or ip address of the proxy server.
    • Port:
      The port number of the proxy server.
    • Bypass on local:
      True to bypass the proxy if the Reporting Server is on localhost.