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IT pro’s use Linx to quickly create, test and deploy automated back-end processes faster than traditional coding. Designed to save your business time and money, our customers use Linx to interact with databases, files, web services, email and other APIs to systematically execute repetitive processes and automate backend workflows and high volume tasks.

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Our engineers are experienced and capable, with decades of collective experience working in finance, banking and retail. Increase the capacity of your technical team without taking on the risks, and leverage our diverse experience and specialised skills to deliver results, on time, on brief.

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Use cases include;
• Creating and hosting web services or APIs
• System and 3rd party application integration
• Automated data manipulation and transfers
• Automating processes
• Building a back-end for mobile apps

Additional services;
• Migration services
• Custom workshops
• Full software development

Proof of Concept solutions are available for free to selected Linx users. Twenty57 holds the right to refuse, edit or limit the Request requirements at any time.

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We are genuinely interested in helping user’s achieve business automation and integration value.  Work directly with me and my small team and let us demonstrate how Linx can solve your unique challenge. We’re fast. We’re human. And we are here to help.

Dawie  - Head of Support